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"Our separation from each other is an optical illusion." Albert Einstein

Based on Gnostic scriptures of Nag Hammadi


In the beginning, there was only darkness, and God said, "Let there be light". The Mother/Father God source created their first child as an emanation, and the universal core, the Pleroma (center of our Milky Way), lit up. This emanation was the embodied wisdom of God, Sophia, who gave birth to Creation. The one who became the primal force of creation, Sophia, longs for twoness, an experience with another. And thus, Mother/Father God source creates more emanations. Twelve Aeons are formed, the Keepers of Time. These Aeons of male and female polarities are created in pairs called syzygies (the original twin flames).

The Christos Sophia coupling of syzygies within the Galactic core carries the primordial principles of male and female divinity. Sophia the Wisdom Goddess of creation and Christos the Savior Aeon. 12 Aeons, Keepers of Time, float around the Pleroma within the 12th dimension, stabilizing the Galaxy's energies. But Sophia is curious and ascends on her own into the 13th dimension (13 is the number of Goddess). And as she creates alone, without her twin flame, she dreams. Feeling lonely and disconnected, she falls. During the Fall of The Goddess, a negative being is created out of her light, which rapidly multiplies His own creations of beings. As He was not created from the intention of pure divine love of the Sophia Christos coupling, He and His minions are deemed imperfect creations. The Saviour Aeon Christos is the embodied consciousness (light). Sophia is the divine aspect of wisdom and creation (love). The negative Aeons who were created by Sophia alone, therefore, lack the Christ(os) consciousness. And out of their imperfect consciousness, the Archons birth the Demiurge. He does not recognize Sophia as the divine creator Goddess who breathed life into all of existence.

In the Apocryphon of John c. 120–180 AD, the Demiurge arrogantly declares that he has made the world by himself: Now the archon (ruler) who is weak has three names. The first name is Yaldabaoth, the second is Saklas ("fool"), and the third is Samael. And he is impious in his arrogance, which is in him. For he said, "I am God, and there is no other God beside me," for he is ignorant of his strength, the place from which he had come. WHEN SOFIA SPOKE TO YALDABAOTH, SHE DECLARED... "You are mistaken, blind one. There is an immortal child of light who came into this realm before you and who will appear among your duplicate forms in your simulated world. Humanity exists, and the offspring of the human strain exists in the CONSUMMATION of all of your works. The entire DEFICIENCY of truth will be dissolved in this luminous child. The Anthropos." - Sophia (Anthropos is a Greek word meaning, in the ancient mystery schools, the template of divine-human potential.) The celestial light in the form of (Aurora) Christos came to her aid. Once again, united, they aligned their divine powers and made the divine plan.

The Demiurge had taken over Sophia's creation of Earth with his minions, and She knew She had to redeem Her actions, which created the Archons. She embodied Earth and became Gaia. But the self-proclaimed God on Earth was malevolent and dark, not understanding the meaning of Christ-Consciousness and not accepting the feminine aspect of divinity. He did not know of the great Aeons within the Pleroma, nor did he understand the power of His own Mother, the Wisdom Goddess. When the divine Sophia showed him truth and light, he decided to keep this sacred knowledge to himself and did not allow the gift of enlightenment to his own creation. He was not able to carry the higher mysteries. As the lower God of the material world, He punished the divine Mother of Creation to become the lower wisdom and manifest as Eve in the Garden of Eden. And She and Her consort Christos followed their divine plan. Christos appeared as the snake and made Eve eat from the Tree of Knowledge. So, when the first human beings were created, they were both there and secretly gave the gift of the Holy Spirit as a divine spark to every human heart. This was the kundalini energy that could awaken and rise up the spine, unblocking all chakras and activating the DNA to fully unlock the Christ consciousness.

The knowing of female divinity and with it the ability to reach Gnosis could be achieved by every human being who decided to awaken to their true origins. And so, the divine plan for the great ascension of humanity began. The Gnostics say that humanity is caught up between two realities, the 'original Earth' (5D) and the one created out of what the Gnostic texts call HAL (3D), forged by its 'Creator' – the Demiurge (lower Father God). On Earth, the Archons are the 'genies in a bottle,' demonic forces who have infiltrated reality and created an illusion in which the human race is imprisoned by withholding the truth of their divine origins from them. By hiding and discrediting every divine aspect of femininity, the Archons imbalanced the inner twin flame of male and female polarities of the human race so that Christ consciousness cannot be established. Christ consciousness is the information (light) that female and male energies belong to each other, are equal, and the portal to ascension. When the inner flame is balanced, the outer flame can appear. When the two become one, the Kingdom of heaven can come.

This is the story of creation. Recognizing the importance of the Goddess is the divine plan. The Hieros Gamos is the sacred marriage of the divine feminine and masculine in all of its aspects that leads to the correction of Gaia and, ultimately, to 5D Earth.

"With Knowledge, Wisdom, And Detachment. To Be In The World And Not Of It." Jesus Christ -The Gospel Of John

Translation: Knowledge=Light=Christos -divine God; Wisdom=Love=Sophia -divine Goddess; Detachment=3D Illusion. Be in 5D (in the world) not 3D (of the world)

"Do Not Conform To The Pattern Of This World, But Be Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind." Paul -Romans 12

Let there be light.


"We’re now in the Return to Unification. We came to Earth to break the old illusions and energetic control. It is time to remember our cosmic history, the full Lyran Rainbow Prophecy and our purpose as starseeds and masters. This channelled transmission holds codes to help you activate deep remembering and re-embody your divine love All-essence.

It is time to open the gates. The Rainbow Tablets are the gates to wholeness, unification, divine love. This is the Rainbow Frequency – the biggest uniting force in the multiverse. Now is the great awakening; the great remembering. The Unification. It is the way to end all suffering, all separation, all duality and all ‘time’.” – The Rainbow Race" by Sia-Lanu Estrella